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What is educational technology and how is it being used to support teaching and learning in the early years?

The first phase of my doctoral research involved visiting settings in the North East of England. The findings have just been published in the International Journal of Early Years Education. You can access the article on their website but will need … Continue reading


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Early Years Apps – from E2BN Conference

At the E2BN conference I did a workshop looking at how technology can be used to support the early years curriculum. As part of this I shared some suggestions for useful apps. While apps can be used by children individually … Continue reading

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Dancing Robots – computing for early years

This is a lovely video to use with children. As well as learning the song and dance they can sequence the parts of the song. The sequencing can be done in a number of different ways. One example is to … Continue reading

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Mouse skills in early years

I was asked recently to suggest some apps and websites for a preschool to use to develop children’s mouse skills. They only have an old PC with limited internet access but one resource that immediately came to mind was Poisson Rouge, This … Continue reading

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Is it appropriate to use technology in early years?

You don’t need to look far to find a wide range of stories in the media about whether it is is appropriate for very young children to use technology.There are probably about as many stories warning against the use of … Continue reading

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