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Hart and Risley – 30 Million Words

A teacher recently told me about some research that has been done in to the number of words children from different backgrounds will have heard by the age of three. It suggests that there is a huge gap between children from … Continue reading

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More support for mouse skills

Many of the apps that can be used to learn mouse control also require children to do something else e.g. answer a sum, recognise words or letters… I’ve chosen some of the more basic ones that could be used with … Continue reading

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Sugata Mitra

At the last meeting of the research group we talked about the work of Professor Sugata Mitra. As part of his research he provided children in India with a computer in the wall that they were left to use on their … Continue reading

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Mouse skills in early years

I was asked recently to suggest some apps and websites for a preschool to use to develop children’s mouse skills. They only have an old PC with limited internet access but one resource that immediately came to mind was Poisson Rouge, This … Continue reading

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Is it appropriate to use technology in early years?

You don’t need to look far to find a wide range of stories in the media about whether it is is appropriate for very young children to use technology.There are probably about as many stories warning against the use of … Continue reading

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