E2BN Conference 2017

I will be delivering a workshop at the E2BN Conference again this year. The focus is:

Understanding the World Through Technology

Young children are surrounded by technology that provides exciting opportunities to explore the world. This session will show how a range of technologies can support learning by offering practical ideas directly linked to the Early Years curriculum. Delegates will also be able to try out simple activities that will introduce children to the Computing Curriculum.

I will write up a full blog entry about this soon, with links to the resources I am planning to talk about. In the meanwhile I have uploaded a Pdf version of my presentation. The original is a huge file with lots of videos, this is a much smaller version, though still quite large.


What is educational technology

One of the activities at the workshop was a discussion about what educational technology is. It is often defined as computers, tablets and Interactive Whiteboards but can be interpreted much more broadly. To help with the discussion I prepared a number of cards with pictures of different resources / technologies. Some show things that are educational, some are technology, some are both and others may be neither. There are no right answers, the aim was to get people talking.

The cards are available as pdfs here:

















About jackcl

E learning consultant in the North East interested in teaching and learning, innovation and new technologies
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2 Responses to E2BN Conference 2017

  1. Heidi Jasper says:

    Thank you for a brilliant workshop.

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