More support for mouse skills

Many of the apps that can be used to learn mouse control also require children to do something else e.g. answer a sum, recognise words or letters… I’ve chosen some of the more basic ones that could be used with the youngest children.

Mouse Control Games – provides links to a number of games that support early years mouse control.

Mouse Skills Resources – links to a few games that support children who are learning about what happens when they move the mouse, to learning how to click and click and drag.

Jigsaw Game – click and drag to complete a jigsaw:

Popping the balloons – click on the balloons to pop them, children need to count to (or backwards from) 10 and recognised the numbers to get it right.

Town Trail –  a resource based on Knowledge and Understanding of the World, the resource includes a range of activities including mouse control.

Primary Interactive – a number of apps for early years including creating patterns, sorting, dress the teddy:

The Berenstain Bears Dress up – learn mouse control by dressing the bears.

Funbloks – create a building by moving the blocks. You can change the background and the blocks.

Northern Grid Senswitcher – designed for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties it progresses from  the child observing what happens on the screen, to clicking the mouse or space bar once to start an animation, to clicking more than once, to clicking at the right time. This may be useful for some early years children.

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