More edtech resources to support early years


Carol Allen at North Tyneside LA talked to the action research group about  resources  that could be used to support teaching and learning in the early years.

There are some resources that are specially designed for early years education, like the  mobile phones or metal detectors. Carol had a fishing game that she had bought from a charity shop, this had letter cards with magnets on that could be found using the detectors.But other toys that are not specifically designed for education can be just as good.She talked about voice activated toys like the puppies in the pictures above. These can encourage children to speak clearly as they will want to make the toys respond. Another voice activated toy is Talking Tom . The toy allows children to play with something concrete, before moving on to the more abstract app.


Carol shared a couple of useful books The Finger Sports Game that could be used to strengthen fine motor control and The Game of Shadows that could be used with torches to create shadow stories. She suggested providing children with a range of different torches – different sizes, wind up torches, battery operated.Children could then compare the different torches to see which ones work best, and if some don’t work they can discuss why this might be.



Practitioners and children can make their own books and using Velcro can make them interactive. Clicker is a great way of making electronic books really easily. These can be printed out and both real and electronic books can be shared with other classes,


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