Squishy Circuits

Squishy Circuits are made from play dough and allow children to explore electronic circuits.Special recipes for the play dough and more information can be found on the Squishy Circuits project page 

The video above explains some of the things that Squishy Circuits can be used for.

Squishy Circuits can be a teacher led activity or a more open ended exploratory activity. An initial activity could be making a model do something, e.g. children could create a junk model with a light or a buzzer on. Another possible activity is to put out different types of batteries or blocks of batteries of different sizes, explore what affect this has on bulbs, see how many things (bulbs, buzzers, motors) you can get working at the same time.

These are activities that all children will enjoy. It will give purpose to children who may spend a lot of time with play dough but who always make the same things. It can also encourage children who may never use play dough to do so.


Thanks to  Claire Graham from North Tyneside who talked about this at the Action Research group meeting in April


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