Newcastle Early Years Conference


Yesterday I spent a lovely day at the Newcastle Early Years Conference. I had been asked to present a couple of workshops on Using Educational Technologies to Support Teaching and Learning. I used my research as a starting point for identifying activities, resources and apps that practitioners may find useful.

Some of the resources I talked about are already on my blog and I will be adding others soon. Delegates were not asked to provide feedback on the workshops so I wasn’t expecting any, but many of them left comments and these were extremely positive (see below). I was really pleased with this and I thought it would be useful to put together a list of things I mentioned for anyone who wasn’t able to be there.

If I have forgotten anything, or if you would like to send me suggestions of things you find useful, please get in touch.

Seesaw Learning Journal


This can be used online, or as an app for Os or Android – (Free)


BBC Bitesize – what is a computer

Poisson Rouge –

British Council –


The resources I mentioned come from TTS and I’ve included links to their website but similar things can be found elsewhere.

Easi-cars –—set-of-4-rechargeable-cars/1004979.html

Recordable pegs –

Talking photo album –

Talking Point –

Easi-Speak –


I’ve included links for iTunes and I will add details of the apps that are available for Android too. Prices are correct as of March 11th 2016.

 SquiggleFish –  (£2.49)

Quiver (Free)

DragonBox Numbers –  (£5.99)

Dinosaur Mix – £(2.29)

Monster Mingle – (£2.99)

Sneak (£1.49)

Our Story (Free)

Little Digits – (£2.99)

 Delegate Feedback

‘fantastic workshop for using educational technologies’

‘ useful apps discussed in technology workshop’

‘Very informative. Inspired me to learn more’

‘useful update on technology and apps

‘will look at how today’s information can be used to enhance our use of technology’

‘will follow up on websites and apps’

‘I am going to download new apps’

‘I will use the websites given’

‘fantastic ideas to take back to the setting’

‘lots of good resources to try at school following the ICT session’

‘going to look again at ICT in school’

‘useful apps’

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E learning consultant in the North East interested in teaching and learning, innovation and new technologies
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