Action Research

As part of my research into the use of educational technologies in the early years I have visited a small number of settings to interview practitioners about their beliefs about teaching and learning, and their attitudes towards technology. I am analysing these interviews now and will be sharing my findings soon. I have also conducted an online survey and will start analysing the responses of over 300 respondents in the next couple of weeks. The third strand to my project is the formation of an action research group. The group is made up of practitioners from 8 settings in 5 Local Authorities. Together we will identify a theme for the research, which may be different for each participant.

Possible themes include:

  • Using technology to support parental engagement
  • Using technology for assessment
  • Using technology to support creativity

The group will meet to share ideas and plan a project that individual participants will implement in their own settings. I would expect these projects to match your setting’s priorities and be linked to work they are already doing.

I will provide support in identifying appropriate technology and training in how it can be used. After running the project for a while, we will come back together to evaluate the impact and share experiences. As well as these meetings, I will visit each member of the group to interview them about their practice and observe the use of technology in their setting.

The group will be meeting for the first time on November 30th. As it is the first meeting it will be a chance for the participants to get to know each other and I want to find out about their beliefs about teaching and learning and how they are currently using technology. I am hoping that the participants will direct the research so we will also discuss what Action Research means and what they want to get out of the project.

About jackcl

E learning consultant in the North East interested in teaching and learning, innovation and new technologies
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